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description3D Modelers and artists required Empty3D Modelers and artists required

Hi, we are currently developing a new game and require a 3d modeler and artist to provide models of vehicles and some buildings, we also need concept artwork and product artwork.

If you can fulfill both or either please get in touch.

The team is currently working within there spare time with no charge, once we have the concept complete we will be seeking funding after which all team members will then be under full pay, full time positions.

If this arrangement is fine for you then please get in contact as we need you NOW!

description3D Modelers and artists required EmptyArtist here

Hey. I'm a pen and paper artist, specializing in comic book style artwork. I'm a little lacking in digital art skills, but my abilities with a pencil and pen make me worth it for concept art. lol
Message me.
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