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Hi Guys,
we made a Unity3D Android game for your tablet and your smartphone called „Unity Ball“. This small but diverse game challenges your patience and skill with its simple gameplay.
Just roll the little blue ball around by tilting your device in the right direction. Alternatively you can tap your finger on screen and hold it to move the ball.
Your goal is it to gather enough coins for the next level. But be careful and quick! Don't roll against obstacles and the walls or you will loose points. Also you should avoid collecting the red coins.
Every level has a new challenge for you: Whether you roll around in water or search for points in complete darkness.

We would be thrilled to get a little feedback on our game.

VIDEO (German)


* Cool levels for you to explore and unlock
* Nice 3D-graphics
* Realistic physics
* Simple but challenging game-play
* Steer your ball directly by tilting your device
* More levels coming soon!


Unity Ball En_generic_rgb_wo_60


Unity Ball Basement

Unity Ball Bathroom

Unity Ball Kitchen