I am so...soooo....sooo sorry I have been gone so long, I've been busy from anywhere to my girlfriend to my volunteer job all the way up to summer school.

But recently I have been working on a project, basically it's a huge massive network provided for absolutely free. Meaning instead of hosting matches on a huge clunky Unity Master Server , instead you can rely on a hosted one that already has code built in to work with your game, so no worries. Hosting a master server is absolutely free and you can do this yourself but you may not have time for this, so here is an opportunity. The code for the main menu, online interactions, and many more are being developed as I write this post. It will ONLY be available through the unityninja.net website, so fair warn do not post the files anywhere else. Currently I am planning a release date of next week just so I have a bit of time before people start jumping on and experiencing errors, I will keep stress testing it, therefore you won't have to worry about anything slowing your hosted matches down. However if it does get really packed, I will open a second one. Which may or may not be up all the time, I dearly apologize of this. I can only host the master server via my local router. Rest assure though, the upload speed from my ISP is an insane amount and there should be zero issues. To let you know the location of the server is : Boise Idaho, United States. so if that gives you any indication of your latency or anything else. There you go.
hope to see this of use next week, see you all then. I will post little hashes of code for you guys to mess around with if you'd like.
PS: You can do whatever you like with this project, however I do like credit Wink