The By-Gone Age
The Bygone Age is a realistic Stone Age survival game.
You take the role of a sole Cave-man or Cave-woman in the midst of 12,750 BC (2,750 Years after the Stone Age).

The Team
Currently the Team is composed of Me, My Thoughts, and Developing Experience.
I'm here to state my game (which is above) and Organization's intentions.

KamCraft Inc.
If anyone would like to join me, Email:
This Team of Developers im composing is made solely to work on and develop this game.
Honestly, I could lie about my team like a few people (I have seen) but i'd rather not, Im alone. A Freelance Developer, is what they call it (i believe) but it just means i dont have anyone to work with. Thats I would appreciate any help i can get.

Another method of joining is to create a Skype Profile:
My Skype is: KameroneJet
Im almost always online, whenever im not just send me a friend request and ill respond whenever i connect.

Thank you for your time, This seems like an awesome community!

- KameroneJet