I'm 32, started doing IT stuff and small scripting at 15. Worked as an application support tech for 8 years and am now looking to become a programmer for the first time. I've only had limited experience building small scripted tools in Windows but am willing to take any tutorials and am looking into paying for online courses to help me build a quality game.

I have recently finished Javascript/HTML/CSS/PHP courses on Khan Academy and CodeAcademy.com. I'm also looking to learn Ruby on Rails so I'm in the middle of completing that course on CodeAcademy as well. After studying code for a few months I have come to a decision to build a game as my first project. For that is what I am most interested in.

While I'm an absolute newbie in terms of building games, but I've been an avid gamer all my life and have loved every single game console you can think of. Plus I have a pretty solid gaming PC. My favorite games include Blizzard RTS games e.g. Starcraft and Warcraft. I also like to play Destiny, Bloodbourne, the GTA games, and sports games like Grand Turismo, UFC, and NBA 2k.

I also own an old Macbook Pro that I've upgraded with an SSD. I'm hoping to get my game to build on the MBP so I can keep my work and play separate.

I found UnityNinja by searching for Unity Tutorials on Youtube and really enjoyed MisterNinjaBoys videos. Looking to hear from you guys to see which course(s) are best and what you guys have to say that may have been in my boat, in hope to steer me to the a good start with Unity.