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descriptionHello from Egypt !  EmptyHello from Egypt !

Hey everyone

i`m a VR Panoramic photographer from Egypt. i create virtual tours and 360 videos

and i`m here because i want to create an app using unity for 360 panoramas and virtual tours for the Samsung Gear vr

any help would be appreciated. to put me in the right direction and what exactly i need to learn in order to make this app

Thank you in advance for your help.

descriptionHello from Egypt !  EmptyRe: Hello from Egypt !

Like your business Unity has a Camera too =)

this is the basis and from what i can tell and wording the code..

Look into Either animating the camera in unity or attach it to a Controller that allows motion via input or mouse location...  The worlds your PEarl..  PS come up with a Design or atleast a mental script and we can see what we can do...

something i found that may be RIght up your alley
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