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GromDatabase it's a tool through which you can easily create your own ScriptableObject database without writing any line of code.

Main feature:

● Possibility of designing a database entity via an interface.
● Simple and friendly user interface.
● Database is based on ScriptableObject.
● Support multiple (23) types:
○ Basic : byte, bool, char, double, float, int, long (requires Unity 5), string.
○ UnityEngine: AnimationCurve, AnimationClip, AudioClip, Bounds, Color, GameObject, LayerMask, Material, Rect, Sprite, Texture, Texture2D, Vector2, Vector3, Vector4.

● Search item in database contains 1000 records take 0.153 ms.
● Using from ScriptableObject is to reduce memory usage by avoiding copies of values.
● Compatibility with editor version:
○ Works with 4.6 and Unity 5 ready.
○ Works with Unity Free and Pro.
○ Works with Windows and Mac.

● Autosaving entered data.
● Ready to use properties and methods for each database in runtime.
● Because database is based on ScriptableObject can be use at all platforms offered by Unity.