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descriptionLast in the Dark - Now Available to Play! EmptyLast in the Dark - Now Available to Play!

Last in the Dark - Now Available to Play! Last_in_the_Dark_Ad_No_Text1

Last in the Dark - Will you Survive the dark?

Now accepting beta testers!

Last in the Dark is a First Person Shooter video game which begins with a young doctor named Eric Johnson. Nearly two millenniums after The Great Awakening. The National Space Center sent a group of researchers on the moon to study minerals which could hold the key to curing illnesses like cancer and other life threatening diseases. But when the researchers that were collecting minerals arrived back to their ship, they discovered that their pilots were killed when a nearby asteroid smashed into the cockpit window. With hesitation, the researchers entered the emergency exit pod and rushed back to earth. The research team then proceeded to hold the minerals inside a frozen chamber to keep them isolated.

After the devastating news of the pilots unfortunate accident, the National Space Center was under tight security and under direct questioning from the President. The accident put the National Space Center out of commission! The research team was forced to abandon Project Zero which if not for the Decommissioning could have possibly saved thousands of life's.

Years after, the National Space Center's decommission which used to be a popular tourist attraction in Sky Line City had turned into ruins and the walls quickly grew brownish as the building was longer being actively maintained. The frozen chamber had begun to melt and the minerals that were stored there from Project Zero had began to turn a strange gooey green color and quickly turned from a solid form into a liquid and the sun's bright light had caused the liquid tube to break and the strange liquid got into everything including the sewer drains in the city.

News broke out that the old National Space Center had a toxic chemical explosion and to remain calm. The President sent in special forces to place the building under quarantine and to question any citizen who has been near the building. But the Special Forces were unprepared for what was coming from that toxic chemical explosion as citizens who had drank faucet water from the water treatment facility began to become frightfully ill and an national epidemic quickly began to spread.

Mrs. Johnson who was leading the continued research on Project Zero at the time of the epidemic, went to the old National Space Center to investigate the incident further. When she went inside the frozen chamber to investigate, she had found research notes containing top secret information about Project Zero and strange green liquid which she analyzed came from the moon.  Before she had left the facility, she quickly heard screaming coming down one of the hallways and rushed towards the noise with her flash light to find out what's wrong.  She finds a young girl sitting by the wall with her arm cut and informed Mrs. Johnson that she was here with her father to collect research notes and waited outside, but after she heard her father screaming, she ran inside to find him but slipped on broken glass and cut her arm. Mrs. Johnson quickly takes out her cell phone to call the police, but the girl's eyes change color and begins to act hostile towards Mrs. Johnson eventually ripping off her bio-hazard suit and exposing her to the illness that is beginning to plague the city.

After, Mrs. Johnson escaped from the National Space Center. She went home and turned on the news only to discover that after hearing the list of symptoms that matched the young girl that was taken into police custody that she, the police station, and the citizens who drank water from the faucet have all been exposed to the illness and with fear rising she quickly picks up the phone and calls the police station informing them to get out right now but the police deny her request and ensure her that everything is fine until she hears screaming in the background and the phone line goes dead.

Knowing that she doesn't have a lot of time before she becomes infected. She quickly packs up her things and takes her only son who is wearing a bio-hazard MAT into the car with her and rushes to a top secret safe house located in Gango Bay Island.

She risked everything to keep her only son alive and when the time came, The US army was forced to shoot and execute her in order to prevent the spreading of the infection.

After Eric spent nearly 10 years in prison from getting caught going back into Sky City which is currently considered to be dangerous, Eric must find a way back into this dangerously infected world that has been largely cut off by society for over 20 years and make his way into the old abandoned National Space Exhibit Center in order to find and continue his mother's research towards developing a cure to the illness that could save what's left of humanity.


Last in the Dark - Now Available to Play! LIT_CB3-2015-09-18-14-51-40-02

Last in the Dark - Now Available to Play! Jungle_updated

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Registration for Closed Beta Phase 1 begins on 9.22.15

Instructions to Register:

  • Step 1. Visit our homepage: https://www.lastinthedark.com
  • Step 2. Click on the Pre-Order button on the top right hand corner.
  • Step 3. Select one of the available testing events in the window.
  • Step 4. Follow the on-screen instructions and wait to receive confirmation.

Registered Members can take part in the development of Last in the Dark by joining today! Participation to this event is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Members who are accepted into the testing program, will be sent an email with links to download the game and instructions on how to get started on October 9th.

Note: Access to the game will expire after December 21st at 0:00 GMT-4 or 12:00am EST. Accounts will remain unaffected otherwise and you can continue to register for upcoming test events in the future if you've already registered.

About us

NEXNET Systems LLC is a gaming development studio located in southern Maryland. Our mission is to develop innovative gaming that not only provides players something to enjoy, but also offer the greatest and exciting games beyond what typically video games offer already out there. Our studio consists of a small development team ~15 employees all paid part-time and full-time contractors. The company was founded in 2010 by Lauren Brown, the current CEO and founder of NEXNET Systems LLC. NEXNET Systems LLC was built from the ground up with an idea to provide a more interactive and innovating gaming experience.

We're hiring!

We're always looking for more talent. Check our job posting for current openings, if you don't find something that matches your skill set. You're always welcome to send your resume to hr@destinyzero.com.

Legal Notice: NEXNET Systems LLC is an equal-opportunity employer, we don't discriminate against applicants for any reason and all applicants are given into considerations of their skills and experience. We are a proud equality envisioned employer and we do not tolerate discrimination under any reason including but not limited to: gender-identity, religion, sex, political views, aspergers, disability, etc.

Thank you everyone and to those who have signed up for this testing event. We will see you in the Jungle on October 9th!


Will you Outlast the dark?

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