I am currently the solo game designer of an African-based survival game in progress, known as Savannah.

In this game, you can take the role of either a lion, a cheetah, or a leopard. You can breed, raise cubs, start a pride or coalition, and form relationships with others of your species(and even a bit of cross-species ally compatibility) through interactions. It could be called somewhat along the lines of WolfQuest or Shelter, however with many more options for gameplay as well as different species to choose from.

Savannah is in need of designers to help in its production- a game can't be made by one modeler!

I would post some of the current progress here, but for some reason I can't post images, since apparently new users can't post "external links" for 7 days.

Upon the game's completion, it is planned to be sold in stores or online, so anyone who contributes to the game will recieve any income gained from it, split equally among the design team.

If interested in joining the design team, just PM me or add me on Skype(mello.mikora1).