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descriptionMayflower Development Team EmptyMayflower Development Team

Hello, I am forming a small team and looking for members to help me with this project. You will receive a 30% Profit share, (the missing 10% Will go towards licenses and advertising costs, and anything else we need).

Looking for:
a 3d Modeler/Animator
and someone good with C#
both of these people need to be good at communicating and responding to messages, as well as doing their work on time.
I will be doing C#, UI, advertising, administration, and anything else i can help out with.

What we had done:
A working GUI Main Menu, a Pause Menu, and some other stuff on my partners end that i doubt he will send over.

Here is the game's concept (Please, do not steal said idea):
Mayflower is a Rogue-Like 2D game that puts you in the position as captain of a Colony ship headed for the new world. You must manage food and water, while fending off disease, stop at ports and islands to resupply, fight pirates and sea monsters, all while trying to keep your pilgrims and crew alive. You will be able to throw off sick crew members, and perhaps select certain crew members as captain for bonuses. Level up your ship at ports and train your crew as they level up.
Imagine a Mix between FTL and The Oregon Trail game. (+Other stuff)

If you are interested in working with me, please message me in one of these places:
Steam: [5te] GorumGamer
Skype: bradleyisaacpearson


(Main Menu)
Mayflower Development Team GpYc2gl
(Pause Menu)
Mayflower Development Team WiYPz9M
(Settings Menu)
Mayflower Development Team 27nAFca
The model quality is poor due to the fact that i was using Unity's In-Game Object system to do it.

descriptionMayflower Development Team EmptyRe: Mayflower Development Team

Is this you?
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