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descriptionIntroduction: Mind Boxes EmptyIntroduction: Mind Boxes

I'm Mind Boxes. I've been into art my whole life and am a very creative person, as a result my mind is a universe bubble. I want to make "Games" that really are just environments. I wouldn't consider them games per say as they'd just be environments that you can roam around and explore but I guess since it's technically playable, then it's a game.
I've been wanting to create games for a long time but I never got to it until last night when I played The Beginners Guide by Davey Wreden.
As a result I looked up some tutorials for Unity as it was a program that was very accessible, I found UnityNinja's beginners guide and actually went through it and replicated it step by step, however for some reason the house moves with the camera...
Anyways, I'm going to learn more about game developing so that I can share my thoughts visually and make my own universe explorable and I'd love for some of you to help me out with it by giving me tips and such.
You can check out my Tumblr where I plan on posting these environments and look at the first one I made using Ninja's tutorial. (also if anyone could tell me why the house is moving that'd be great...)
This was my first ever time in Unity and I might just be the biggest noob on this website and thats why I'm here, to seek your help.

Have a great day.
>Tumblr: mind-boxes(dot)tumblr(dot)com

descriptionIntroduction: Mind Boxes EmptyRe: Introduction: Mind Boxes

Welcome! We are here to help, so if you ever need assistance with anything related to unity, dont hesitate to make a thread! Lots of helpful resources around here so hopefully you can make use of that and can help you in your endeavors with unity.

Don't worry, all of us start somewhere, as you mentioned you being a unity noob, well weren't we all when we started? that's why we are here to help! See ya around
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