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descriptionStoner Games Inc. EmptyStoner Games Inc.

Stoner Games Inc. T9dZ5hc

I am trying to make my own company slowly but surly..
I am hoping Unity will give me the break i have been hoping for.
I have game idea's i would love to bring to life with 3D using unity's power.
I am working on my 1st 2D rpg video game free to play (legends of the five pot gods)

World map view:
Stoner Games Inc. PGQwExN

I been through a lot on my journey to make this company of mine a reality.
I am hoping to find programmers and 3D artists that know what they are doing to help me on my conquest.

Game idea's:
1: Dead Impact ~The legacy of pa I~ (In memory to my father Mother & Brother, RIP<3)
Stoner Games Inc. 5Bg0hXY
Hero of Dead Impact:
Stoner Games Inc. UY4dT8t
2: Dead Impact ~The legacy of pa II~
3: Dead Impact ~The legacy of pa III~
4: Dead Impact ~The legacy of pa IV~
5: Governments Secrets
6: More to come!

A little about me, My mother, father, and little brother have all passed away..(Life lessons) I am on a conquest to make this company (Stoner Games Inc), to forge a game making army and leave an impact on the world in a good way.. Cool Video games are in my blood since i was a kid with my little brother... again i am hoping to catch a break and introduce myself..  
I also write lyrics, i have used game maker studio, rpg maker vx/ac i have unity downloaded and would love to make my Big hit game on unity. thanks for letting me post here and happy 420 to all  Shocked

Stoner Games Inc. JmSNOxC

descriptionStoner Games Inc. EmptyRe: Stoner Games Inc.

Haha love your signature 'Stoner games - 100% homegrown" :p
Well I wish you luck with everything man, oh and welcome to unityninja! Smile
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