What is Snayt?
Snayt is amazing online platform where you can:
Download New Amazing Games for FREE.
Read Our News and learn tons of amazing stuff.
Develop your own game and send it to us.
And More...

How to send your game to us?
You're now able to send us your own game. Here is how:
You get really big chance to get your game on the platform for FREE!!!
You will need:
One game, Mediafire and WinRAR.
How to send us your game:
1. Create empty folder.
2. Put your game in the folder
3. Put also 2 pictures of the game.
4. Add this folder to Archive. (right click...)
5. Then upload the archive(.rar) to Mediafire.
6. Copy the mediafire link.
7. Send the download link to this Email: snaytdevelop@gmail.com
The Game can be developed with any engine - (Unity...)
Also it can be coded. (Recommended)
We check and upload the new games every Saturday.
You'll be able to play the new games on Sunday.
New Games almost every weekend.