Hello, dear gamers and developers!

"Shark's food" is a game with a rare and unique concept. It was made with Unity for developers to reskin and publish.

[Unity asset] Shark's food [RESKIN ready] Post-232980-0-82908100-1445294707_thumb
[Unity asset] Shark's food [RESKIN ready] Post-232980-0-16977900-1445294718_thumb
[Unity asset] Shark's food [RESKIN ready] Post-232980-0-92501400-1445294736_thumb

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Player moves main character left and right to avoid contact with sharks and throws meat to make them sated. While holding throw button, character is gaining power. When player releases button, character throws meat with gained power. If total hunger level will meet the border, sharks will eat main character. Player gets one score point for every sated shark.


Put your finger on screen and move it left and right to move ship. Put second finger to gain throw power. Release it to throw meat. Sated shark won't eat player in case of contact.


- Mobile first.
- Ready for reskin.
- Standing out game concept.
- C# scripts are fully explained.
- Gaming system will be a good example beginners to learn from.
- Menu, in-game menu, puase/play, saving score, rate system.

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Have fun!