Magic Dash Studios

I really want to point out one thing first. This project is going to be huge, bigger than you probably will ever think of. So I want to make sure you are ready for a long, fun, adventurous journey into making this.

About Myself: I created Magic Dash Studios a while ago, but never really used the name for anything until now. I have been coming up with ideas for this project for a very long time, and I am not even close to scratching the surface of what we are about to do.

Now you have probably read up to here and now are wondering when this idiot will just spill it out already. So here it comes:

About The Game: The game is called In Real Life Simulator or IRL Simulator for short. This will be the simulator of all simulators. The main idea is to have a map so big that we can fit what ever the heck we want into it and not have to reach another loading screen, maybe the size of USA, or even bigger and all one server so all players play together and do anything they can imagine! I bet you are thinking, "This idiot does not know that Unity can not handle a game that big." I do know, because I have tested Unity's limits before. But Unity's limits will not stop me as I know a work around. What will eventually happen is that the entire game will run off of servers that all clients are required to connect to, then the client will only load who and what is near them.

I rather explain everything else in a meeting with all the team members together as the idea is way to complex to explain it a million times, and I am sure you will get sick of reading this.

You can contact me at and then from there I will release the teams contact info in order to communicate via VOIP.

Current Team Size: 2

What we need (1 being the least needed and 10 being the most):
Programmers - 5
Map Creator - 7
3D Artists - 10
2D Artists - 10
Ideas - 10

NOTE: I will update this post regularly when information changes.