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descriptionToonbox - A 3D Action-Adventure Sandbox Game Looking For Developers EmptyToonbox - A 3D Action-Adventure Sandbox Game Looking For Developers

Hey everyone, I made a post on the Unity 3D collaboration forum over a week ago but I thought I should share it over here:

Hello, I'm Joe aka Fredrick, the community manager, project manager, and soon-to-be-a-developer for an upcoming game called Toonbox.

Toonbox - A 3D Action-Adventure Sandbox Game Looking For Developers VjbAEu1

The game has been an idea for a couple years now and we attempted to begin production on a different engine but recently we decided Unity3D was the best route for this type of game. I'm posting here, because we are still looking to expand our team. So what is Toonbox about?

Project Genre and Platforms
Toonbox is both a sandbox and action-adventure game. We want to bring this to multiple platforms, such as Windows/Mac/Linux along with bringing it to iOS/Android devices as well, since the mobile market could bring an even bigger community.

The Concept
Toonbox is planned to be like I said, a sandbox game where you can build your own games and play others. However what differentiates this from other sandbox games is that this is a fan-made spin-off of Disney's now-closed MMO game, Toontown Online. In Toonbox, you will be able to create towns, adventures, or anything imaginable using buildings, items, etc. from the sandbox editor.

Many sandbox features that we had the idea of implementing are inspired by Disney Infinity, and yes I mentioned another Disney game. Aspects include a sandbox editor (Example, I do not own this picture by the way https://i.imgur.com/BJoa3UO.jpg) and a menu that'd separate the sandbox mode from the story mode (Example, also from Disney Infinity https://i.imgur.com/9i46SPB.jpg), which leads me to the next idea.

There will also be a story mode, which will be a continuation to Disney's storyline for Toontown Online. For a better understanding for further explanation, I'd recommend reading through Toontown Online's Wikipedia page.
Anyway, in the original Toontown, there were five relatively small playgrounds (Toon-friendly areas) and four Cog Headquarters (Enemy areas). For the Toonbox story mode, instead of bringing this back, we will be giving a complete revamp to the map. The map will be completely rearranged, much larger, and some people may not even believe it's the same location of the original Toontown! Instead of having five playgrounds, we have come up with concepts for 3 large areas, each having a mixture of a couple to a few of the original playgrounds' themes. For example, the starting area which will be called Toontropolis is planned to look like a combination of Toontown Online's Toontown Central, Daisy's Gardens, and Minnie's Melodyland.

That's pretty much all I have to say for that, I tried to summarize Toonbox as much as I could without going too far overboard; moving on.

Unfortunately, we haven't started working on implementing any of this yet. However, we have a team of seven talented and creative people already on board for making this possible. As of me writing this, we have:

  • 1 community manager (Me!)
  • 2 3D modelers
  • 1 concept/texture artist
  • 1 moderator (We do not ask for moderators nor do we need any at the moment, however he is an exception due to his experience)
  • 1 composer

Recently, we have created a document where we wrote down ideas, the basic plot, and how certain features would work. We managed to fill up eight pages in one day and still add on to it whenever an idea comes to mind. This is also how I wrote most of the story mode concept above, however there is a lot more to it than what I wrote.

What we are looking for
Right now we're looking for developers, as you can see there isn't any at the moment. All positions are volunteer work (unpaid) however there may or may not be revenue sharing in the future.

Requirements for developers:

  • The ability to create a prototype from concepts and resources provided
  • Fluency in C Sharp
  • Understanding of using Unity's interface
  • A few hours a day to be able to work

We also could use another artist who can create concepts and/or textures, a 3D modeler/rigger, and composer.

Requirements for concept artists:

  • Ability to create concepts from written ideas and basic outlines
  • Create art that fits into Toontown's theme
  • Have at least couple hours to work

The requirements also apply for texture artists, except for being able to create concept art. Texture artists need to be able to create textures that have a realistic feel (Ability to create bump/normal maps).

Requirements for 3D modelers:

  • Ability to create models from concept art and descriptions
  • Create models that fit in with Toontown's theme
  • Understanding of either Blender or Autodesk Maya's interface
  • At least a few hours to work

Requirements for composers:

  • Ability to create a soundtrack that fits with Toontown's original soundtrack
  • Create music from given descriptions

If you're interested in joining the project, then great! You can contact me either by sending me a private message on here or contacting me on Skype (My username is "resolute2015"). Please, attach any previous work to your message whether that be images or websites. If you have any questions, please tell me and I'll do my best to answer. I do check for any responses, and do my best to respond ASAP!

If you've read this whole thread, then I thank you as it took me forever to write.

Anyways, cheers!

descriptionToonbox - A 3D Action-Adventure Sandbox Game Looking For Developers EmptyRe: Toonbox - A 3D Action-Adventure Sandbox Game Looking For Developers

Hello I am interested in this project,I am an experienced blender user.I know designing to the max but I am not an animator.I am a 3d Modeler!You can contact me at mr.melon65@gmail.com
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