Hi there,

I am a creative writer that is filled with game experience within MOBA and all sorts of different genre.

My biggest desire is to create an indie gaming company that can release titles relative to my two novel series in the works. A global market for esports and gaming on both PC and mobile platforms within today's world is the solution.

At the moment, I am starting to incorporate one of my novel ideas into a mobile MOBA/ARPG game. Under my open-minded direction, I'm hoping to work with others with similar desires in a timely manner.

Current Concept Focus:
- 18 Heroes
- Main Map
- Different Modes
- Items, pre-game items, and etc.
- Cosmetics

Being a part of my project will be an opportunity that I promise can earn some wonderful results.

Skillset Requirements:
- Understanding of Mobile Market potential.
- A desire to have a career within game development.
- Have some college knowledge.
- MOBA or ARPG knowledge.
- Ideally being within the United States.

Keep in mind that I am unable to give any kind of pay unless the project flies through, and we find any possible way to give compensation accordingly to team members.

I will be taking on the position of the Writer and Project Manager. As for Testers we should all fall into this criteria, but I do not expect much investment as I have networks that can potentially help with such a feat. Aside from these positions, seeking out the remaining and future positions will be done through online communities such as unity ninja or capable networks.

Desired Positions:
- 1 Producer
- 1 Sound Designer/Composer
- 2 Artist
- 1 dedicated Designer
- 1 Programmer

As we progress, I will be able to bring the interest of other talents who can help ease the workload of the entire project. Keep in mind that this is my first actual project within the game industry; I have a small esports community that is building a minimal amount of momentum according to the games we wish to strike into. This all ties into the future place for the creation of our Sci-fi MOBA/ARPG game.

Please CONTACT me with an introduction and resume.
Discord - darkvisage#1415
Email - abyssalgaming404@gmail.com

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