Hi folks, thanks for checking out my post.

My name is David, I'm an X graffiti writer , I done it for more than 15 years (since the 90's)

I have moved my work legit now and make logos and album artwork for people, I have made album artwork and logos for some very well known people spanning multiple genres.

I am offering a service of any kind of game artwork, and or in game artwork too, you know the games where there's graffiti on the walls etc, I can do this for you and it will look authentic, I can even do the devs names on the walls in game etc so it would be an amazing personal touch to your games etc, I have a facebook page that showcases a lot of my work, I work with photoshop and illustrator so I can import ANY textures you want worked on into these programs and edit them, I would be great for anyone making a game based in a street/city environment and I will 100% give it that gritty look it deserves.

check out the links at the bottom here and contact me on my facebook page or on this post if you need any further details,  a lo of my digital graffiti work is on this page I hope you take the time to have a look and see for yourself the quality I offer,I have a very popular facebook page because of this.


facebook.com/DEADLY.LOGOS/  (LOGO PAGE) <<<just started this one a few days ago.


David. Cool  Cool  Cool  Cool