Hey guys my name's Mo & I've been wanting to create a animated series for a good while now. I was initially trying to do it with adobe, I heard that one of the animators I watch utilizes the creation engine. So I did a bit of looking around & came back across unity. I remember hearing someone starting a remaster project for the old daggerfall game & I was rather impressed by the capabilities of this engine. Admittedly I know not a d*** thing when it comes to animation or rendering 3D objects, but hopefully on this forum I'll be Able to pick up & learn a few tricks. If anyone has videos or advice on what i should be looking into to help me out, I'm more than willing to take suggestions. Cause seriously I don't know what I'm doing lol. Youtube is my current "how to" guide.

if you're interested, "ThePruld" & "Rooster Teeth" are some youtube artists who creates similar animations to what I would like to produce.