Hey everyone.

I'm trying to make my very own little game, and I'm not that experienced at writing scripts yet, so I am asking for some scripts that I might be able to use or personal guidance to write the script just as I want it to be so far.

As the topic suggests, this is about character movement.

My "Character" is a simple rectangle which needs to move by rotating.

As an example, if i pressed a botton, the cube would start rotating from laying position, to standing and down to Laying again

I'll try to show it with a short illustration

_ -> \ -> | -> / -> _

And ofc if pressing another botton, the cube would move opposite of that.

As I said before, I dont have much experience but I'm eager to learn and look forward for replies.

Thank you for reading my post, respond if you can give any kind of advice or help, everything is appreciated.

You can reply on here, or send me an email at saj2413 @ gmail.com

- SolaLupus