Hello Everybody,

I'm Roshan Aravinda who is a student in University of Vocational Technology, Sri Lanka. In these days I'm trying to develop my final project with unity and therefore my project is model the Toyota hybrid vehicle inverted converter with 3D Max and Unity.

According to this reason I've created few examples for my project. Also this community members help me to do that. Now I want to design a UI panel as follow image.

Design a User Interface Panel 20160910

Now I need to know few things about above panel.

  1. How do we design a beautiful panel like that one?
  2. What is the way to insert a 3d model (The Gun) into the panel?
  3. How can we get special objects like progress bar into the panel?
  4. Can we animate the things one the panel and how to do it?

So, I highly appreciate your valuable response for me. Please help me to success my project.

Thank You!