In about two weeks, we will be installing a mural on the side of one of our buildings. Our nonprofit company is in love with all things 'techy' and would love for this mural to be a FUN add to the community, as well as a possible attraction for visitors.

We came up with the idea, as we've seen this done in museums before, what if we use augmented reality to 'bring our mural to life', having certain targets on the mural explain their meaning, as well as having spots hidden within (like easter eggs) that the viewer may 'scroll' through and find - but only if they're really looking for it!

My ask - do you know anyone who could help us with this goal? We are in Southwest Florida, and are capable of doing all the animation and voices ourselves, but do not know how to implement the Augmented Reality aspect of our goal.

Please contact me back! Thank you.