Lowpoly Medieval Village – Free Download Lowpoly-medieval-village

Low poly Medieval Village

This is the low poly medieval village, a village that can be used both in the first person and the third person, a package with several buildings and props, all modular, optimized and hand painted

. This package contains 48 prefabs, grasses, flowers, rocks, buildings and more. There are two scenes, one in the morning and one night each with a different Sky-box and a sound environment.

The package contains

1 Anvil(124 Tris)
3 Bags(176 Tris)
1 Barrel(188 Tris)
1 Blacksmith(124 Tris)
1 Box(60 Tris)
1 Carpenter(830 Tris)
1 Church(2875 Tris)
3 Fences(10/16/26 Tris)
4 Flowers(2 Tris each)
2 Grasses(4 Tris each)
6 Houses(564 up to 1062 Tris)
1 Ladder(104 Tris)
1 Light_pole(60 Tris)
1 Marketplace(1605 Tris)
1 Plant(60 Tris)
3 Rocks(35/19/16 Tris)
1 Sledgehammer(104 Tris)
2 Tables(92/360 Tris)
1 Tavern(2873Tris)
1 Tower(2368Tris)
4 Trees(288 Tris each)
1 Water_well(358 Tris)
4 Wood board(920 Tris each)
3 Woods(36/468/972 Tris)
2 Ambiente sound
1 Texture all objects
4 Ground textures (2 different)
2 Skyboxes

Download it from hereDownload