Dynamic Fog & Mist – Free Download Dynamic-fog-mist

A collection of optional fog materials with optimized shaders that integrate the fog effect. They are an even faster alternative to the full screen image effect and best suitable for older mobile devices.

• An optimized fog of war prefab for top-down view, optimized for mobile

• 7 demo scenes including a simple game prototype, which uses the fog materials and run very fast on mobile (+60 fps on modern devices).

** Image effect features **
The image effect comes with 6 configuration presets for quick setup & run: mist, windy mist, fog, ground fog, heavy fog and sand storm.
Simply add the main script to your camera and customize the effect.

You can also choose the shader variation (7 variations included) and customize height and distance of the fog, fall-offs, color, noise amount, turbulence, alpha, wind speed and direction, sky haze, ...

Dynamic Fog & Mist includes fog variants which are not prone to depth limitations and allows fog to surround you even when looking to the sky.

- Render Scale: reduce render target size to boost performance. Good for mobile where pixel density is very high.

- Fog Volumes: to gracefully adjust the fog and sky haze alpha and colors on certain zones automatically, for instance, to hide fog under water, to make it appear when player enters special areas or for whatever reason you need to adjust its transparency/color automatically on certain locations.

- Fog Profiles: create, reuse and share fog settings. Also use fog profiles along fog volumes to create flexible transitions between zones including all fog parameters.

- Day/night cycle: assign a directional light or Sun gameobject to the fog inspector and the fog color will be influenced by the current day light.

- Custom void areas (Fog of War). A new demo scene shows how to clear any number of zones from fog.

- Gradient colors: a secondary color can be chosen to create artistic/gradient fog effects.

- Light scattering in Desktop Plus variant: light diffusion effect when looking at the Sun through the fog.

- Perspective and orthographic camera support.

- VR: Multi-Pass, Single Pass Stereo and Single Pass Instanced support.

** Fog materials features **
A total of 12 fog materials are provided, useful if you plan to create a game optimized for mobile with very fast, smooth depth-based fog effect. The fog materials are Unlit, Lambert and Standard Shader based with single color or texture option. They also support reflection textures.

** Fog of war prefab **
Battle tested and ready to use, drag and drop prefab to cover your scene with misty, animated fog and a simple API to clear visible areas.

Download it from here