hello! I would like to have some help with my game, just let me know about it by replying below and i promise to reply back to you as soon as I see it. thanks guys!

The battles will take place in a futuristic world which is inspired by a game called final ninja (it is really fun…and a bit addictive…) Here is the link to it: http://www.nitrome.com/games/finalninjazero/. In the game, you will have to invade a base, but first, you must collect data about it. The base is a top security drug factory and it is guarded by a group of terrorist called the Mafia Militia. Each time you raid a safe house, a warehouse and other enemies' bases, you collect a piece of map about the base. Another enemy you have is a group of rich pirates that had taken other the pacific islands, you will have to take back the island at some point in the game. So now that I explained the story line, let me explain the strategy part.

You will have to plan the invasion on the enemy's bases, (e.g. command a platoon of tanks to take out SAM sites to allow bombers to fly in) you will have to plan ahead to make sure that you can get enough information to hold off any incoming attacks. You will also get a squad who you can give commands to.

Below is a video of what I have done so far: