Guys my name is Matheus and work on werekin games that team that is working on a third person RPG project. is we're needing level design that knows how to create scenarios of forests and cities, which have interested and just send email with pictures of your work:

The game fits in the categories RPG, adventure, action and epic, with plans to fit in category Multiplayer.

Synopsis: in Europe of 1776, Ryan Smallwood, A highly reputed English Commodore steals the sword of Joan of Arc of French. However, this artifact was one of the last keys that prevented the coming of the demons to the material plane. Enormous and mysterious, the demons make their first appearance stealing Ryan's wife, for reasons unknown, and destroying his fleet. Ryan finds herself suddenly alone, and now needs to find his wife, face the threat that he himself freed, contain the French ire and decide whether to trust the angels that appeared or even in their own nation.

Main attractions: Ryan's Revenge aims to entertain the possible players with extensive and dangerous fights that require strategy and technique, an elaborate story that allows for empathy and immersion, as well as an adequate system of evolution and specialisation, adapting the protagonist to his style of play. Betting on a variability of land and naval battles, against common enemies, as French sailors, even gigantic demons, such as Leviathan and Behemoth.

The protagonist: Ryan Smallwood is a Commodore, a senior Admiral in the British Navy. He is an expert swordsman, versed in Italian style called Sword of Bologna, which uses florets. Carrying a flintlock pistol, he's still an eloquent leader and great browser. The player will follow Ryan in his journey to save his beloved and try to resolve what has happen. Learn how to use the magic of the ancients with his teacher Mordecai, will improve your combat style with his father Alphonso, and improve its resources-men and ships, with your primeiro-marujo Yves. At the end of your journey, Ryan will have in its arsenal four styles of weapons-Florets, chains, bows and Spears, and you're going to have to learn how to use the specialty of each against each one of the servants of the Lords of hell-or of the French King.

Theme of the Story: With a strong Theological appeal, the scenario affixed to religious, political and historical disputes as fuel for their conflicts. The English Protestants against Catholics French Angels against demons, the Babylonian spells against the world of gunpowder. Ryan, with its allies, will be placed at harder evidence of dedication, having the whole world – and even other plans-turned against them. Even the flashy Angels aren't as easy to trust, especially by Joan of Arc to be in their ranks. English monarchs seem to be losing it, and the French are thirsty for revenge. And Ryan still needs to find his wife kidnapped by Leviathan-there's not a moment to rest. Ryan's revenge will be possible?