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descriptionHighway Racer - Google Play EmptyHighway Racer - Google Play

hi guys, my new game "Highway Racer" is available on the Google Play Store.. I'm waiting for your support.. Thank you

Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shn.racing&hl=tr

Highway Racer - Google Play LM0QKc844vFZm1Cl-ezPxpvhxHh4-f6LOcw1S-7FZuflEmo4VRTI1Nk7Qc8_SG1XwZU=h900-rw

Highway Racer - Google Play R1_QzfNCKqggqdKx2bkY9fyrd7U7P5Xl3asz4Xp3WwfEShFg_jRCBrJhe2WTu7SEuXw=h900-rw

Highway Racer - Google Play D-sEM_qHJiROVqQZv-xbF34jghFFgqIeM2ADbyDN5vaP4bmquTFzUUDKBGaH8i0aL8E=h900-rw

descriptionHighway Racer - Google Play EmptyRe: Highway Racer - Google Play

Nice work! Looks pretty nice, but I wouldnt go as far as saying 'amazing graphics' as you did on play store.
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