Hey Guys My name is Ali Im from New Jersey. I have been a programmer and web designer for a couple years. I have been working in unity games for the past 6 months.

I want to develop a modern survival game where you are a test subject of the US government and your thrown into a hostile terrorist environment with just a knife and you have to survive against the militia, rebels, animals, etc..

I want my game to have a dense forest environment with small broken towns, military bases, terrorist camps, etc. If you try to survive in the forest wolf packs and bears and hyenas are searching for their next prey. If you try to tough it out with the villagers your in the risk of the militia spotting you and taking you down. You can craft only the essentials and basic melee stuff. If you want guns you can either sneak into a village shop or steal one from a camp. Its like a rust meets far cry meets arma.

It definitely has a AAA Potential, but it has alot of work to do.
Here is the thing. I have ALOT of unity assets to offer designers who want to work with me. From texture packs to modeling tools, etc. I am part of a team and we are making a Black Hawk Down remix right now, so we have alot of assets that i can use for personal projects.

Who do i need: The biggest thing right now is a level designer. The level is going to be big and extensive. Dense Forests with gravel roads that connects towns. Camps up in the mountains where terrorists hide and plan their next move etc.

Now i researched alot about terrain design, and i can make basic terrain already. But i want someone who knows about shaders, image effects, texture design, procedural mapping, etc. Even if you dont know you should have a drive to learn.

Best way to reach me is through skype at ali_kalkandelen1, or you can email me at alikal18@gmail.com