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descriptionIntroducing Myself EmptyIntroducing Myself

Hello All,

First off i'm completely new to game development but I've been a web developer / application developer for over 10 years now. My 12 year old son is VERY interested in game development so I figured I'd try to learn the craft so I can help him along the way.

I look forward to getting some help and talking with other forum members in the near future and thanks for having me.

Tommy R

descriptionIntroducing Myself EmptyRe: Introducing Myself

Hey Tommy, welcome to the community!
I find it really cool how your son is interested in game development at such an early age! Good for him! That was how I was just around his age Smile
I hope you find the resources helpful here, and if you ever need help with anything, we will always be here to help, so don't be hesitant to post in the help section.
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