We are working at a game called "Death's Kiss
It's a third person open world Horror-Drama video game.
Our studio is called "DearGamer".
We're an indie video games developer.
The story of the game:
Your name is Josh Robbinson (Rob). You're out with your girlfriend Samantha Celise (Sammy) in the city (Cliffwall) in what it seems to be one of the most beautiful summer days of your life. The city is so full of life and you can feel the summer's scent in the air. The beautiful colored flowers, the green grass, the sun's heat. It's PERFECT..ALMOST. At some point tragedy hits and your girlfriend dies (TRY TO STOP IT, but imagine a "Final Destination" kinda thing). Let's switch back to storymode now : Rob's girlfriend dies but soon he discovers that he can't live without her. So..he's trying to do the impossible: GET HER BACK TO LIFE. He will use anything that our world has to bring her back to life. It will be your choice and your time to discover "The Secret". Will he succed ? That's for you to discover Smile
We'll make a thread for the game here soon Smile
Now, we are looking for one of the following skills:
+A good digital painter in Adobe Photoshop CS6
+A good UnityScript programmer
+A good sense of C++/C or Java/JavaScript language

+Anyone who wants to help can also be accepted (we'll find something for you don't worry, even if it's just cleaning up our recycle bin ^_^ )
So practically anyone can help if it's interested about the project, feel free to comment !