Hi thier i'm fairly new to this form but i really like to get some team members specifically ones with knowledge in 3d animation and programming.
we currently have our project posted at indieDB and a draft of our crowdfunding page at indigogogo and would  love to get some help and support from any community
Our project:

Reaction is a fast-paced chemistry-themed MOBA that focuses on working together with your team to create powerful reactions. Players may choose to play as any of the elements from the table of elements. These Elements may be formidable on their own, but become even more so when working together, creating powerful compounds and reactions.the combinations of the elements can create almost endless possibilities and replayability.

we are currently in need of

- 3d animators
-male voice actors
-female voice actors

please note
we are in this for the long haul. we do not have funds yet to pay people by hours.
if your really interested in working with us and joining our team send a email to