Hello everyone, We of Krypton games are looking for people to join our project and help us with the development of our game called "Alpha Unit", if you are interested, keep reading.

What the team currently consists out of:
-1 C#/JS Programmer (me:Anilak)
-2 3d Modellers (Luca) A.K.A IVMyLife and (Adam)
-1 Animator (Luca)
-1 Sound Designer (Ege)
We are currently looking for:
-1 Animator
-1/2 3d Modellers & Texturers (guns etc.)
-2 3d Environment Modeller (buildings etc.)
-1 2D Graphic Designer (Logo, concept art, etc.)
-1 Level Designer

A bit about the project we are working on:
Alpha Unit is a new unique FPS game based around a nuclear destroyed world.
As you run and try to stay out of the hands of the.. Creatures.. you try to find a way back,
but be aware as you're next step may also be the last step you ever make.
Alpha unit is an action packed First Person shooter survival game that is being developed as we speak to give you,
an epic campaign to find out the true story behind all that has passed in the last 80 years.
Amazing weapons to defend yourself with and a overall great gaming experience.
Combining action with all sorts of creatures changed by mother nature to her perfect and nuclear likings,
that you have never seen before.

Here are a few of the features in Alpha Unit :

-Fully working HUD.
-In game Attachment System.

-You can climb ladders!
-Heavy WIP Inventory System
-Included Grenades

-Player shadows!

Those models are made by us but they dont represent the final product, so bare that in mind. That UMP45 will be remade from scratch soon Smile that includes all attachments and such.

That is all we can show you at the moment, there are more features but the amount of space they will take is unbelievable, so later on we will make another post in the Showcase section, for you guys to see everything.. storyline, features, team members etc etc.

If you would like to join the devolopment of this project, as one of the positions stated above then please contact us in the following way:
Skype:ivanikalin(Founder, Lead developer)
or: Christopherbandoro(Marketing)

We hope that we have informed you enough about our project.. if you are not sure of anything stated above then dont hesitate to ask us any questions.