Hello there Unity Ninjas!

The Cloak & Dagger Entertainment team is expanding our network to include more programmers and artists for what started out as the independent NWN game module Rise of Relthane (working title), and has now evolved into a full-fledged independent trans-media video game project. We have a strong charismatic team, in-house trained authors guided by a genius writing teacher, French and Portuguese translators, voice actors, play testers, people with name-recognition and of course many more. We'll potentially need more programmers and graphic artists to bring this behemoth to life.

Catch a glimpse of the old BETA opening sequence


Already we have two tie-in products (an anthology and the first volume of our overture soundtrack) in the process of being polished. Now a companion short film, and the meat and potatoes of the product is up next: the video game.

- Lead Programmer
- AI Programmers
- Animators

- Character Artist
- Enemy/Creature Artist
- Environment Artists
- Graphic Designer
- Textures

Experience with Unity 5 and/or Game Maker Studio is essential for many of these positions, as we work with both engines. There is potential for this to lead to a paid position. Candidates must be willing to enter into a confidentiality agreement.
If you are interested, please e-mail me your resume at:


Owner-Operator of Cloak & Dagger Entertainment, LLC