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descriptionNewbie in Unity EmptyNewbie in Unity

Very Happy Hello MisterNinjaBoy and anyone who reads this topic ........

well i knew a few things in unity but needs lot of improvement and i really cant hold of my temper sometimes i messed up and i dont really understand a bunch of codes here .

I came here because i need help for the project game i was making....
please help me ...

descriptionNewbie in Unity EmptyRe: Newbie in Unity

Hi, first of, if you are new to "Programming" or "Scripting", you need to learn the basics of Prog languages. In Unity you can use C# (In my opinion, it's the best), Javascript (Easy to learn) and Boo.
So If I were you, I'll try to learn C# and a little bit of Javascript to make little games.
There are many YT tutorials of C# prog but the best are written (Books and pdf files).

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