Swimming Motion Pack – Free Download Swimming-motion-pack

Add swimming to your game!

Requires: Motion Controller
Requires: Minamoto's free animations

The Swimming Motion Pack is an add-on to the Motion Controller and enables plug-and-play swimming for your player character. The Swimming Motion Pack is way more than just a set of animations. It handles diving, swimming, and exiting the water with advanced features like particle effects and sounds.

This is the perfect pack to use out-of-the box or to learn from as it includes detailed documentation, well structured and commented code, and Otis's awesome support.

As with all my assets, the Swimming Motion Pack is incredibly modular. This allows you to not only create custom partice effects, but you can use other input solutions, camera solutions, or sounds.

* Slow and fast swimming
* Enter water by walking
* Enter water by diving
* Exit water by walking
* Exit water by climbing
* Customization effects
* Customization sounds
* Simple buoyancy
* Rise/sink with water level
* Body tilting
* Quick setup
* Modular design
* C# code included
* Awesome support

Download it from here