Hi, I'm new to this game builder, to get to know me and my computer,
so you can assists much easier.

When I was 8 I had a commodore 64
when I was 9 commodore 128/64 Here I learned sprites.

19 tandy IBM dos shell power basic here

21 I learned closed loop get commands
25 learned collision sprites.

I am now over 50 and have
windows 10 64 bit hp computer
4 gb ram
cpu 2.7 dual core
586 gb hard drive
resolution 800-600 low
1300- 756 high
Still learning copper cube 6.0
game maker 1 I understand all of it

lead works not shore here

unity a little hard but not impossible for me

I do understand

if and then

z cordenates

statements and scoring
keyboard control mouse

joystick na

problems I had with unity licence expired
game maker 2 same problem

copper cube 6.0 I chose a prefab classic car to drive around in to get a feel
I used third person camra follow car.
I pressed left and right worked great but when pressed forward it went right.

those are the only problems I have.