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I need to see somthing finished.
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descriptionA good suggestion EmptyA good suggestion

Hi guys i have a good suggestion:

We should make some ready prefabs and assets section for the members of this site cause we all know we ain't going any where soon with our own skills.

Eg: A Humvee vehicel that can be driven and have a turret with M2-50cal gun that shots bullets that can bounce(like real ones) and leaves diffrent types of holes deppending on the tag of the object they collid to, and whistles when passes near a camera.(this one is almost done)

-A predator drone that can be used by the player

-Heat seeking missile launsher that attacks every object taged with "Heat source enemy vehicel"

-jet strike scene. the importer chose their start and finish points and their targets.

-missile lansher truck system.

-animated zombies that attack every object tagged with "living"

thoes prefabs should be easy to use by just importing them to the scene and may be adding some tags to some objects.

We can make all this things happen.So i am down for it if someone helped me with scripting.

And also: Sharing models imported from free models websites and converted to FBX,ex....

descriptionA good suggestion EmptyRe: A good suggestion

How about some comments?
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