Hi, I'm Adam Snowflake I run a soon to be company titled Braincake Productions LLC. Currently, Braincake Productions is working on a game where 100% of the profits will go to charity. We're waiting to hear back from an organization that does children's cancer research, however until we hear back from them it’s not set in stone where the money will be donated. We are hoping to send it to either children's hospitals or organizations revolving around disability and/or cancer treatment if the organization we're currently in contact with chooses to not accept our offer.

The game we're working is titled Chibi Brawl. We have a few 3d modelers already, and are in the process of trying to get the rights to a few characters. Chibi brawl is a visual novel meets 3d fighter.  It takes characters from different franchises and brings them together for one crossover game. Currently, we are still negotiating with creators on using their characters, however we do know for sure that we will include Sherlock Holmes in the game as well as Valerie from Magical Warrior Crystal Diamond Heart.

Braincake Productions needs programmers besides myself to work on this project.  We could also use more 3d modelers that have experience, and or are willing to independently learn the free program Blender.

Note: This game will feature LGBT+, poc, and disabled characters. If you are against this please do not respond.

Right now, we are using engines from the unity store to create the game, but we need other elements to be implemented, and we need programmers for this element.  I am in the process of learning the software, and it is going well.

Shall you choose to work on this project you will receive no compensation, again all money made, goes directly to charity, we are not making a dime here. We're doing a game for charity where we make no profit for multiple reasons, however I don't feel our reasons need to be justified.

Thank you for your time, patience, and lastly consideration -Adam Snowflake

You may contact us here, or at Braincakellc@gmail.com

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