My name is Alex and I am the CEO and founder of Darwin Arts, a mobile games studio. We are based in the UK.

My background is in investment advisory to corporates and high net worth individuals based in London. Since my MBA from Cambridge, I have been advising clients on marketing and strategic projects. I have advised corporates, SMEs and start-ups.

Our aim is to develop the next epic mobile game titles that are engaging, fun, creative, and artistically excellent. Our USP will be our culture which encourages entrepreneurism and creativity. Every member will have a profit share in their game.

Our management team includes veterans from business, marketing and investment industries. One of our team has a track history of raising funding for technology start-ups – who raised over £10m for his own start-up. The investment appetite for mobile games is growing and with the correct foundation from the beginning, I am confident that we will be able to raise the funding necessary to realise our ambitions.

Our development team includes programmers, artists, modellers, music composers, and a games writer. We are now looking to start developing the game in Unity and require passionate and driven individuals to join us.

Our First Game

Our first game is an e-sport mobile game. Many e-sport mobile games have used the MOBA genre but to no major success. Our game retains the competitive element by building on the strategic attributes of the genre but with a complete overhaul in design and controls. The game has been well thought out and we are currently developing top quality concept art, 3D assets, sound assets, voice overs and an engaging lore. Our next step is to produce a Unity demo and full 3D cinematics.

As you can understand, this game is in early development and details are to be kept secretive for now.

What we are looking for

The next stage is to build on our development capabilities. The skills we require are:

• Unity developers
• 3D modellers
• GUI/UX designers

We are looking for people who are passionate about games and want to build a business from the ground up. We need people that can help to drive the game idea and development.

We believe that truly great games are made through passion and that individuals should be rewarded for their efforts and commitment. At this stage the remuneration will be profit share.

If you are interested or would like to know more please get in contact with me

Skype: AlexanderChamorro