Octave3D-Level Design Capture
- it is now possible to project a Block onto mesh and terrain objects.
- it is now possible to  perform vertex snapping in selection mode just as you can do in placement mode.
- it is now possible to snap the grid using the T key in object selection mode.
- select active object group.
- object 2 object snapping is now faster when snapping hierarchies.
- it is now possible to specify the maximum size of a Block.
- it is now possible to assign selected objects to object groups.
- the placement guide will now initially start off with the rotation of the prefab from which it was spawned. This happens only the first time a prefab is activated.
- implemented "Remove" button to remove an object group without destroying the associated game object from the scene.
- improved object picking for overlapped thin objects (floors and ceilings for example).
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